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kvm-avindia is a distributor based out of India with multiple offices across the country for high performance KVM systems over IP, Modular / Compact Video Wall controller systems along with high performance Network switches to fulfil your requirements for IP based KVM/AV systems.

Distributor's In India


Dynalog [India] Limited

Parksite, Vikhroli (West),
Mumbai 400079, INDIA
Lets Talk:
Mobile: +91 95132 80645
Telephone: +91 22 4233 0000
EDS solutions

Eyeviz Digital Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd

704, #13 Utsav Building,
New Link Road, Oshiwara,
Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053
Lets Talk:
Mobile: + 91 9711166617 /+91 8285777700
Telephone: +91 (22) 2632 72 72

What are KVM Extenders?

KVM extenders are devices that are designed to increase the distance between a keyboard, monitor and mouse and a computer. It is a set of transmitter and receiver applications. They are convenient solution to transmit these signals over long distances up to 150m (CATx) or even farther via fibre or IP connections. The main purpose of KVM extenders is to provide point-to-point computer extension and scale the access to computers from remote locations ultimately helping to increase productivity workflow and workspace ergonomics.

What the use of KVM Extender and When do you need of this?

KVM extenders play an important role in overcoming bandwidth limitations of traditional VGA, HDMI and DVI cables, and distance limitations of the PS/2 and USB protocols. KVM extenders are used for a range of applications such as;

Which Type of KVM Extender you need?

There are a wide variety of customer needs and important features to look for when purchasing a KVM extender. When you buy a KVM extender for your configuration then here are some major questions to consider in advance: